My Poor, Unsocialized Homeschooler

We’re fairly new to the homeschooling world since we just started in March with my 5 year old. Technically, she wouldn’t be in Kindergarten until this fall but since I wanted to do schooling year round I figured the month she turned 5 was as good a time to start as any and she was begging to do school. One of the most frequent reasons to not homeschool I have heard over the years is the socialization aspect. Don’t homeschoolers miss out on social interaction since they just stay home with their parent every day? I don’t know; you tell me. This was what our week looked like this past week.

Monday – Happy Cow Creamery Tour

With her friend Madison

Tuesday – Pictures downtown at the Children’s Garden by a fellow homeschooling mom, O-Cha Tea Bar stop and splashing at the splashpad. We also got to meet and pet an iguana.

Wednesday – We experienced the Pickens Flea Market (first time for me and the kids to ever go to a flea market). Luckily my “tour guide” is a regular! 😉 After the flea market, we headed to the lake with our friends. It was gorgeous and had a beach for sand play as well as a playground. I have no pictures as my phone was slowly dying, and I was trying to preserve as much battery as I could for the return trip home. That night we went to Shepherding Group.

Thursday – Field trip to the North Carolina Arboretum. We got to see our Asheville area friends which was a treat. That night we went to a hockey game.

Friday – We met several friends at the Children’s Garden. No pictures because I was chasing Jude around making sure he stayed within the garden. 😉 That night, we went to see a play, Sleeping Beauty.

So, what do you think? Unsocialized or not? What does your school week look like?

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