Shepherding Groups

Every first and third Wednesday night, you will most likely find my husband, daughter and me at a Shepherding Group meeting. We started this every other Wednesday ritual back in 2004, the same year I was laid off, we bought our first home and my husband had started a new career.

It has been a huge blessing in both of our lives but maybe I should begin by telling you what a shepherding group is. Our large church breaks into smaller groups to get to know one another and share each other’s burdens. It is a unique opportunity for spiritual growth and practical application of the message we heard the Sunday before. We meet at our leaders house usually and share prayer requests and praises, pray, discuss the message our pastor preached the Sunday previous and end with food and fellowship.

As I said, we started in our group in 2004. The prayers and encouragement have meant so much to us over the years, especially during those times when life was very difficult.  Knowing that in good times and in bad, there are a group of people praying for us and with us is a huge blessing in our lives. I always enjoy hearing what everyone took away from the message and the different perspectives. It always gives us something to think about and other ways to apply it in our lives.

We have forged some wonderful friendships over the years and we know God placed us with these people specifically to use them in our lives and us in theirs. How about you? Does your church offer shepherding groups or something similar? Are you involved in one? If not, I encourage you to become involved! I promise you will benefit greatly and God will use you in the lives of others, people you would normally maybe never have met. I would love to hear how God has used Shepherding Groups to bless you!

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