Make Your Own Baby Carrier

Although I can’t sew and am not crafty myself, I recognize that many of my readers may well possess these skills. I wanted to give you a resource for making your very own baby carrier. Some of these are so simple that even I could do it if I wanted to. Others are slightly more complicated, but I’ll let you decide whether it is a doable project for you.

I like the idea of making your own carrier because you can pick whatever fabric (as long as it is the right type of material, suitable for supporting a baby/toddler/young child) you can find instead of relying on ready made patterns or hunting the swap for your favorite.

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Ring Slings, Pouches and Asian Style Carriers via Jan at Sleeping Baby Productions

No Sew Stretchy Wrap via Amy at Anktangle

Tablecloth Wrap via Elizabeth of Columbia, SC Babywearers

Ombre Dip Dye via Stand and Deliver

Another No Sew Stretchy Wrap via Julie at Inexplicable Ways

Pouch Sling via Arpita at Up, Down & Natural

No Sew Fleece Mei Tai via Lauren at Hobo Mama

Pleated Ring Sling via Stand and Deliver

Mei Tai via Lauren at Hobo Mama

African Babywearing How To via Authentic Parenting

Onbuhimo via Mixa Lotta Fun

DIY Wraps via Manic Pixie Dream Mama

DIY Tablecloth Wraps via Manic Pixie Dream Mama

And, for the littles in your life:

Doll Carrier via Lauren at Hobo Mama

Mei Tai Doll Carrier via Nicole at Sugarcone Shoppe

Babywearing Accessories, too!

Crochet Carrier Cover via I’m “That” Mom

Fleece Carrier Cover via I’m “That” Mom

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