Catbird Baby Pikkolo

Catbird Baby Pikkolo
With Support Belt

Catbird Baby makes an interesting carrier called the Pikkolo that is a cross between a mei tai and a soft structured carrier. Carry Me Baby Carrier Lending Service loans them out and sent me one to try.

One of the things that is really neat about them is you can use it with your tiny baby and also when they get older and bigger. For smaller babies, you don’t need an insert at all. It functions like a mei tai in that you can adjust the seat of the carrier and cinch it in as needed so they can have their legs out and correctly positioned. I wore Jude in it when he was only a month or so old.

Without support belt
Without Support Belt

For bigger, older babies, you will most likely need the support belt though. I ended up actually using it with Jude both ways and found it to be more comfortable with the belt. It is basically converting it into a soft structured carrier padded waist for additional support.

With this carrier, you wear it at your natural waist, more like you would wear a mei tai but it buckles instead of ties. It also claims you can wear it in an ergonomic front carry facing baby out but I did not try this. I typically avoid most front facing out carry’s, but if you feel your baby would like it this is a good carrier to try as it offers that option in a way that baby is in the correct position and not dangling.

Disclosure: I received no compensation for this post but Carry Me Baby Carrier Rental Service did lend me a Catbird Baby Pikkolo for 2 weeks for the purpose of this review. I was not required to give a positive review and all opinions are 100% my own. Amazon links are affiliate links.

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