Baby’s Bath Time – Product Reviews

It is so fun to give our babies bath’s! And there are some fun products out there that make it even more enjoyable or make it easier! Below are some of the things I have used and enjoyed!

Marcella enjoying bathtime!

Bath Luve Frog – Cute and functional, the Bath Luve Frog makes bath time warm for your little one. You simply drape it over baby, after soaking it in warm water and they can stay cozy while you wash away! We certainly benefitted from using it while our daughter was in the newborn stage.

Summer Infant Tub Time Tea Party Set – Our daughter loves playing with her tea set in the bathtub! It floats on top of the water when empty. The teapot can be filled with water and the spout really works so we can fill her little cups or just have fun pouring water on her! The set comes as pictured with a teapot, lid for the teapot, sugar cubes bowl and 2 cups.

Aveeno Baby Soothing Relief Moisture Cream – We started using this on our baby’s little legs when she developed some bumps that were dry and scaly. This worked like a charm! We put it on her legs and feet after every bath now.

Mother’s Touch Comfort Bath Support – This was the perfect little support to put in our bathtub for our baby to lay in so we could bathe her. It can be laid flat or elevated (like in the picture below) and is easy to travel with as it folds up and velcros together and has a handle. The only drawback is you have to remember to hang it up to let it dry and then I would have to go back and flip it on the other side to let that side drain and dry so it wouldn’t get mildewy. Other than that, it was a great product that we used up until our little girl could sit up unassisted.


Marcella’s first bath


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