My Baby’s First Birthday

Jude & MamaMy little Jude turns one today. This time last year I was snuggling my sweet little boy, just getting to know him and enjoying him. I’ve been thinking a lot back to his birth. He most likely is my last baby so there’s a lot of bittersweetness to his turning one.

I was holding him extra tight last night as we snuggled and nursed in bed. He’s already transitioning to a little boy, and I’m helpless to stop it. I’m just along for this ride into boyhood, and I’m a new passenger on this trip.

Things I love about Jude…can I even enumerate them all? Of course, I cannot but this meager list will have to suffice. He is such a happy boy, smiling and content most of the time. He’s my snuggler, and he likes to rub my arm while he nurses which is pretty much the sweetest thing ever. He is insanely curious, getting into the trash cans and diaper pails and depositing toys (or his sister’s things, ahem) as well as greatly enjoying putting toys in the toilet and flushing (yeah, bathroom doors and toilet lids stay closed around here if I can help it.)

Jude gives kisses, high fives, scurries up and down the stairs with speed and scoots off the bed which is funny to watch. He waves and says “hi” and “bye” but mostly says “mama” and with slightly less frequency “dada”. His newest phrase? “Uh Oh!”

He loves playing outside (and eating whatever his hand finds, including dirt, grass, sticks, mulch, dandelions, etc.) and adores water play. Splashing around has always been a delightful activity to him. He also likes climbing up on whatever he finds suitable which is pretty much everything.

Jude & MamaI’m so glad I have this little boy! Happy Birthday Jude!

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