5 Weeks and I Went Out into the World

The Judester

20120816-222059.jpgMy little buddy went out into the world twice this week. We took him to our Shepherding Group meeting and, although most nights he has been fussy, he pretty much just slept while we were there. This makes sense though because he just passed through his first developmental leap so we have a bit of a calm period before his next one happens in 11 days.

New Moby!

We also went out to dinner for the first time as a family of 4 since dinner from the freezer was sadly still quite frozen. He slept in my new (as in just got it via UPS today new) Moby right up until it was time to pay. I tried to nurse in it but since I’ve never done it before it was a tad challenging. He finally did latch but then unlatched, and was quite unhappy about it, as we were walking out and ran into our midwife. I nursed him some more in the car and all was well again.


Miss Cella

She had quite the fun week with Grandma and Grandpa’s visit. There was lots of playing, visiting Monkey Joe’s and a zoo trip and they even indulged in her strange obsession to going to Old Navy (totally out of the blue she decides she must go to Old Navy.) Toys were bought. Mass amounts of lemonade were consumed and many puzzles were completed. What more could a girl want?

The Dad20120816-223815.jpg

Josh completed his first triathlon this Sunday and absolutely loved it. He had a goal time that he felt was a little aggressive for him and ended up only missing it by 6 seconds so he was very happy with it. He looks forward to doing more in the future.


I get spit up on, pooped on and peed on daily and do an impressive amount of laundry and am feeling so blessed to have my family in spite of it all. This little boy is amazingly awesome and I’m loving having one of each.

20120816-224803.jpgA sweet friend came by with her son and Marcella got to run wild with him around the house and yard. I got to be treated to freshly made zucchini bread (yeah, we ate it all in one day), veggies from her gardens, hand-me-down boy clothes ( including baby legs and a nursing necklace!) and vacuumed floors.

My in-laws visit gave me rest with my little one, fabulous one-on-one time from them for my tireless daughter, yummy home cooked meals and some cleaning was done as well.20120816-224548.jpg

I’ve been enjoying using my wrap and ring sling more this week. Jude conks right out and I get some things done. Win-win! (And I’m enjoying being able to wear some pre-pregnancy clothes, too. I am getting sick of the baggy stuff for sure!)

And last, but definitely not least, my mom came over today and cleaned like a madwoman. It was insanely wonderful.

What has your family been up to this past week?

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