Naturally Minded Make-up and Nail Polish

I mentioned in my post on natural face cleansing that I no longer feel the need for make-up which is a freeing thing. But that doesn’t mean I don’t still enjoy wearing it. I no longer wear it every day, but I wear it enough to care about what is in my make-up so I’ve been slowly replacing what I use with better choices.

Here is the lowdown of what I use now:

I order the lipstick and mascara through Frontier. (Contact Sue if you’re interested in joining if you’re local.) Everyday Minerals is a company I saw reviewed on Natural Parents Network and decided to try. I love that you can order a variety of samples for a penny. I’ve been able to try a bunch out to make sure I liked it first. Their products score very low in the Skin Deep Database and the prices are much lower than similar products I’ve seen.Piggy Paint

For pretty nails, there are a variety of brands that make non-toxic nail polish. They look and perform just like their conventional counterparts but without the toxins. The only thing I’ve noticed is they take a little more effort to actually remove. I have used the Piggy Paint Nail Polish Remover as well as the Suncoat Nail Polish Remover. They both work fine, but I prefer the Piggy Paint one.

Some brands I’ve tried and like:

  • Scotch Naturals – I LOVE all the colors they offer. I only have one (Morning Glory Fizz), but have my eye on several of the others (like Loch Ness Mystery and Blimey for starters.)
  • Piggy Paint – marketed for kids but if you like funky colors, it works for adults as well
  • Suncoat – an adult line but they also have a kids line, Suncoat Girl, that comes off with water/peels off.
  • Sprout – an Etsy shop with some funky colors along with a couple more traditional ones
  • Priti Polish – an adult line but they also have a kids line, Priti Princess, which is mostly sparkly polishes

Do you have any favorite make-up or nail polish brands that work well without all of the chemicals?

Disclosure: I was not compensated nor did I receive any products referenced above. I purchased all of these myself and wanted to share them with you. Amazon links are affiliate links which means the price remains the same for you, but I receive a small percentage of the sale which helps offset the costs associated with this blog. Thank you!

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