Soaps and Lotions You Don’t Have to Be a Hippie to Love

There are so many lovely soaps and lotions out there to replace the conventional ones with all of the questionable ingredients. This is a super easy replacement to make if you want to start living more naturally but don’t know where to start. You will love any of these below I’m sure of it!

Shoals Creek Farm Blackberry Vanilla SoapLocally we have some real gems. My absolute favorites come from Shoals Creek Farm. If you ever find yourself at Swamp Rabbit Café, Bee Well Honey or Split Creek Farm, you can find Shoals Creek’s wonderful goat milk soaps and lotions. Another local soap maker I like that I just recently tried is Robin’s Nest Handmade Soaps. Josh bought me a sampler for Christmas and they are lovely. I really like their page explaining why conventional “soaps” aren’t soaps at all.

Buncha Farmer’s is known for their Manuka Honey products. I tried their stain stick, soap and hand sanitizer and while I didn’t have any luck with the stain stick, I love the hand sanitizer and Manuka Honey & Lemongrass soap. I can’t personally get this locally, but you may be able to if you live somewhere else.  Oliveshoot Institute also sells a couple nice soap bars made from the wonderful Soap Nut. I have tried the Soap Nut Cleansing Bar and liked it. I really enjoy the soap nut smell. Yum!

I also really love the soaps at Poppy Soap Co. They are beautifully made and smell delightful. They also donate a bar of soap to a local women’s shelter for every bar you buy!

Do you have a favorite natural soap or lotion you’d like to share?

Disclosure: I did not receive any of the products mentioned above nor was I compensated to write this post. I just like them and wanted to share them with you!

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