Hope: Babyhood Moments and Changing Perspectives

poetry-penI had a hard time really getting into some of the prompts this week but I wrote anyway. I think it is a good exercise to just write even when you have zero inspiration sometimes. That way, when you are truly “in the zone” you’ll really know. There will be not much more of a different feeling from when there was zero.

Hope – Week Three

This week we’re considering babyhood from a natural parenting perspective and examining our changing identity as parents.


I couldn’t believe you were crawling
Just a little baby crawling around
Chubby tiny hands and knees
Slowly, imperceptibly, unbelievably at first
Then with more regularity
There you go again
Away, one chubby knee and then another


Rocking my baby
Our noonly thing
Sweet chubby cheeks
Nursing cheeks
Sweet baby girl
Rock, rock, glide, glide
Sweaty hair framing those fluttering cheeks


Covers my baby
Morning and night


Dare I dream?
I have some.
But mostly I dream you do what is you.
Not me, not your dad.
And certainly not what the world tells you.
My biggest dream?
You be the you God made you to be which will take courage.


I sat on the couch today,
Beside my husband of exactly 11 years.
One baby cradled in my arms, milk drunk, eyes closed.
My other side holds up the sweet sleeping face of my little girl.
Long dark lashes, rosy cheeks, a dash of glitter from her fairy wings.
I look at my husband, his eyes closed, too.
And I close my eyes…and smile.


This responsibility of raising children,
it takes more than just us.
That’s why I’m glad to have more than just us.
We have many who help, who carry the load.
Rest for a time to refresh.


I’m me. Always me.
Though I change with each birth
Grow and learn with time, I remain me.
I don’t know who else to be but me.

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