Babywearing Mama Profile – Laura

Photo Credit: Authentic Parenting
Photo Credit: Authentic Parenting

Each week I’ll be introducing you to a babywearing mama (or papa!) during A Little Bit of All of It’s Babywearing Series. Find out more about this mama at the end of the post.

When did you start wearing your baby/young child? First was a stretchy wrap; I started wearing my daughter at about two weeks, my son too.

What is your favorite carrier?  Woven wrap, Didymos

What is your favorite carry? Front

How did you first learn about Babywearing and what were your initial impressions of it? I don’t remember; I always knew I wanted to babywear.

Photo Credit: Authentic Parenting

How many carriers do you own and what are they? woven wrap (Didymos), stretchy wrap (dutch brand), mei tai – momma made. I also do African, so every piece of cloth is a carrier.

Photo Credit: Authentic Parenting

What is your favorite thing about wearing your baby? Having them close and being able to do stuff

Laura edits and writes Authentic Parenting, a resource for unschoolers and natural parents. You can also find her on Facebook and Twitter

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