4 Weeks Old and a Family Update


I don’t know if I’ll be able to do this every week (and it’s already going to be a day late), but at least this week I’m joining in with Melissa at Vibrant Wanderings to share what’s happened with us this past week. Melissa also had a new baby boy last month (a home waterbirth) so be sure to stop over and read what her family is up to as well.


The Babe
Yesterday my little Jude turned 4 weeks old! According to my Wonder Weeks, he is now entering his first developmental leap. His head circumference grows quite a bit during this time but most notably he truly starts to notice the world around him now. We’ve seen evidence of this with the emergence of his first social smiles and he’s now looking directly at us. Along with these big changes comes some fussiness as he continues to adjust to life outside the womb.

I’m loving cloth diapering him and also just started EC, though I haven’t had any catches yet. Marcella loves when Jude goes to the bathroom though even if he doesn’t actually go. 🙂

Overall he is a delight to have around! I’m loving all of his newbornness that is such a shortlived time!

The Sister
20120808-173630.jpgMarcella is literally bouncing around the house, a bundle of energy with not a whole lot of outlets for it right now since we are still housebound mostly while I continue to heal. Her pappy (my dad) came over today and brought breakfast, made block towers and took Marcella to our neighborhood lake to feed the ducks and watch the turtles and fish.

Mostly we play with puzzles, build block towers, stick stickers and color on the bed. If she starts getting really restless, I play educational games on the laptop with her, let her play games on the phone or let her watch a show. She did have a playmate last Friday when my doula came over with her daughter.

She has had moments of regression when she will pee on the floor but it seems to happen 2-3 times in one day and then she will have several days with no accidents. I know this is perfectly normal but still frustrating to clean up. Yuck. She adores her brother though and shows no signs of jealousy at all.20120808-173652.jpg

The Mama
Recovery is not going quite as quickly as I’d like. I’m being “good” though and mostly staying in bed or on the couch and limiting my activities and allowing myself to heal. Josh has been coming home at lunchtime to make lunch and making dinner every night as well. We still have some freezer meals left. I’m so glad we made those! It’s really been so nice to not worry most nights about what’s for dinner.

Dinner the other night

My mom spent the day here Saturday and did laundry and cleaned. We even went through Marcella’s closet and got it organized again since Marcella had destroyed it pretty much!

I’ve been reading while Jude sleeps the book Sleeping with Your Baby by Dr. James McKenna. It’s a book about cosleeping and it is excellent reading!

The Husband

Josh had been training for a triathlon that was supposed to happen last Saturday but 4am that morning they cancelled it. He was very disappointed as he had really been looking forward to it. Luckily there is another one coming up this Sunday he can participate in so his training won’t go to waste.

Jude with cousin Dennis

We also got to see Josh’s cousin who was passing through on Saturday for a short visit. He got to meet Jude for the first time. Speaking of family, Josh’s parents are coming into town tonight and will be staying until Wednesday. I know they are looking forward to seeing Jude and Marcella again!

I’ll leave you with a picture of the mobile Lori made for Jude’s stars and moon nursery that came in the mail this week. I love it!

What is your family up to these days?


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