Gradually Moving Toward a Less Toxic Home

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A couple months ago I watched a video called “The Story of Cosmetics” and it caused me to rethink what products I brought into our home. Slowly I have been replacing our conventional products with products that rate low in the Skin Deep Database.  To make this as economical and painless as possible, I decided to just replace products as we used them up instead of just throwing everything out and starting from scratch. (For more tips on making the switch, check out this message board thread provided to me by my friend Rachael. Thanks Rachael!)

Around the same time, I was introduced to a natural products co-op called Frontier Natural Products Co-0p. Good timing! I have enjoyed trying various items from the catalog and am glad for the variety I have through the co-op that I don’t have through the stores in my area.

Some of the products we have tried are listed below:

Maylees Garden Vegan Laundry Soap – Blackberry Vanilla, Pumpkin Cider, Chai Tea

California Baby calming lotion

Bare Minerals blush and eyeshadows (This is a product I actually have been using for years but put it on the list since it is low in the Skin Deep Database so I didn’t have to change to something else.)

Seventh Generation various cleaning products

Kiss My Face Obsessively Natural Moisture Shave

Ecos Laundry Liquid, Lavender

Alba Moisturizing Foam Shave, Aloe Mint

Nature’s Gate Organics Fruit Therapy Liquid Hand Soap, Asian Pear and Red Tea

Deep Steep Organic Body Wash, Rosemary Mint

Suncoat Liquid Mineral Foundation, Natural Nail Polish Remover and Water-based Nail Polish

Do you have any natural product recommendations? I would love to hear them as I continue to try new things. Some brands I have really enjoyed and some not so much.

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