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Here’s another round of Facebook questions and answers. I ask questions throughout the week, fans answer and I pick my favorite to post on the blog each week. We’ll play again next week so become a fan and join the fun!

Here are this week’s questions and my favorite answers:

Q: What’s your best housekeeping tip?

A: I’d rather spend time playing with my children than doing dishes. But when I do clean in other ways, I try to get [my daughter] to help me so at least we’re doing something together. – From Amanda of Let’s Take the Metro

Q: Have you had any recipe disasters lately?

A: – Becoming Crunchy and I discussed her black bean brownie recipe. (I didn’t realize I needed to let them cool BEFORE letting my husband try them. :))

Q: What’s your favorite flower?

A:  Daffodils – From Emma

Q: Favorite natural remedies?

A: I find an ice pack on the forehead for a bit can really help with a headache. – From Becoming Crunchy

Q: What do you do special from your anniversary?

A: We, um, breathe air. A lot. All day, in fact. – From Let’s Take the Metro

Thanks for all those who participated! Come play with us next week!

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