Product Review: Cloth Wipes

I have three types of cloth wipes I use with my cloth diapers. Two of the brands were shower gifts and one I purchased myself. Here are the three brands I have:

Imse Vimse

I really like these. I think the absorbency is the best out of the three and the size is nice and big, although I personally prefer a little smaller. They have held up well over the months and I would purchase them again.

OsoCozy Flannel Baby Wipes
These were ordered from All Together Enterprises as a shower gift for me. These are actually probably my favorites. I love the absorbancy even though sometimes they absorb too much and I have to squeeze out some of the water. They are the perfect size out of the three for me. They aren’t holding up as well as the Imse Vimse wipes though. They are pilling a little bit. I would definitely buy these again.

Bum Genius

I like these the least of the three and would not buy them again. They don’t absorb well at all and some of them have gotten messed up in the washing machine and the corners roll up. I do like the size though.

What kind of cloth wipes do you use or do you make your own? I don’t need any right now but I’ll probably need some more at some point. I would probably order the first two but would be willing to try something new, too!

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