Solid Foods and Physical Milestones

I haven’t actually written a family update post (just pictures) in a while so thought it was time.

Jude is now crawling all over the place instead of crawling some and army crawling/dragging himself the rest of the time. In fact, the army crawl/dragging thing has pretty much disappeared this week. He also just started sitting up unassisted and it’s kind of the cutest thing ever to see this little guy just sitting up. (I have been enjoying seeing Melissa’s little guy sitting up in her pictures for awhile now. So cute!) He’s also pulling up on most every thing. This also means he takes a lot of spills. Poor guy.

We also recently started solids with him, using the same baby led approach we used and loved with Marcella. It is funny to watch how different he is from Marcella. She mostly just played with her food and ate a little. He mostly just eats it and plays with it a little. He cried when his whole wheat linguine was gone whereas Marcella just kind of moved it around with her fingers and made a disdainful expression when she was his age. So far he has liked everything he’s tried: bananas, whole wheat linguine, avocado, celery, kale, unsweetened applesauce, brown rice and egg yolk.


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Marcella thoroughly enjoys pretend play. The other day she insisted I call her Matey for the whole afternoon and said Marcella would be back when the sun set. (She told me Marcella went to a restaurant that was far far away to get a tuna sandwich.) She loves doing “school” which could be a workbook, an art project or writing. She also loves her brother to death. As I type this Jude is sitting beside her watching her “read” him a cookbook.

We’ve ventured out to a couple playdates here recently after a brief hiatus while I had no car, then I did, then another died and I was without again. We are finally back to being a 2 car household which means we can go out and do things during the day if we want. This week we did a library play time for babies that a friend with a baby Jude’s age invited us to (although Marcella enjoyed it quite as much as Jude did) and an art playdate with tons of fun art projects to explore (and I didn’t have to clean up anything!) I wore Jude and he slept through most of the art play. And I figured out I could wear one of Josh’s t-shirts over my wrap to protect it from stray paint. 😉

What’s going on in your world these days?

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