The Family Update Post

I’ve been very much enjoying my little Jude. It’s unbelievable to me that he’s almost 5 months old (on December 11th). He is the sweetest most wonderful little boy ever. When he smiles (which is often) his whole face smiles. His eyes light up and he looks at me, and my heart just melts.


He loves to flip on to his stomach which makes diaper changes adventurous. 😉 He will spend long periods of time this way playing. I also noticed that he can sit up on his own while he was sitting in my lap one day though I haven’t really tried setting him that way to see how long. Since he likes flipping back and forth so much, I just let him play that way. He does really enjoy playing with his feet as well. We have a space saver highchair seat in the dinette we set him in while eating and he can pretty easily reach his feet in it. They frequently find their way to his mouth as well as when he is lying on his back.


His favorite toy is his crinkle owl from AngieBabyGifts. It is a beautiful toy with a nice wooden teething ring attached he likes to chew on. He also enjoys playing in his play gyms and playing with his sister.


He rarely cries, and when he does I almost always know what he needs. It is so nice to have such a sweet laid back baby this time around as Marcella was definitely a high need baby. He enjoys being worn and I, of course, enjoy wearing him.


Marcella is going through a rough patch. It’s hard being 3 for her and us. She loves Jude to death and we still have yet to see any jealousy, but I’m sure adjusting to a new member of the family has been somewhat challenging for her. I find limiting her screen time really helps her temperament as well as making sure she feels heard even when the answer to what she wants is no.


As far as me, I’ve been busy with my volunteer duties at Natural Parents Network in addition to reviewing babywearing products to share with you here! (Be sure to go enter my recent giveaway, a 3-month baby carrier rental from Carry Me Baby Carriers Lending Service!) I’m also currently spending a lot of time at home since we were involved in a car accident on our way home from the Thanksgiving holiday. Our car should be repaired shortly before Christmas hopefully! The kids have new car seats as a result so it is nice for Marcella to have a nice new one. (Jude’s was not very old at all, but he still got a new one anyway obviously.)


Josh is very busy at work which is good I’ve been trying to convince him to become a contributor here maybe once a month or so but so far he can’t carve out time for it. He is very busy though so I can’t blame him! I know some of you enjoyed his baking blog that now lays dormant. He ran a 5K Thanksgiving day and won a prize but currently doesn’t have any races scheduled.

I’m sharing as part of What’s Up Babe at Vibrant Wanderings. What’s up with you these days? I would love to hear!

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