Reader Spotlight: Jenni

I have another Reader Spotlight to share with you all! Reader Spotlight is where I tell you all about an A Little Bit of All of It reader. I choose someone that is either a commenter, subscriber or Facebook fan to highlight.

I’m pleased to introduce Jenni who blogs at Jenni Penni’s Recipes for Everyday Living. Jenni is a Facebook fan. Her favorite post here at A Little Bit of All of It is My First Green Smoothie. She says, “I loved your post about the green smoothies. I have a green smoothie almost every day.” Yum!

Jenni is a wife and mom and describes her parenting style as “laid back but with boundaries still in place.” “Having a son with autism and a daughter that has dyslexia has taught me that with love, patience and a lot of prayer we can overcome a lot.” A normal day consists of homeschooling until around 2 pm and then piano practice.

She is passionate about her relationship with God. She is learning to rely on him as she raises her children. She says of the struggles related to her son’s autism and her daughter’s dyslexia, “These can be heart wrenching to watch but I need to remember to trust my God.” She also leans on God through her health struggles. “After having 20 abdominal surgeries, it has left me with chronic pain.I struggle when my health does not let me do what I want or what I think needs to be done.”

She is also passionate about her relationship with her husband (who she met on a blind date) and kids. Having been told she only had a 20% chance of every having children, she “thanks the Lord daily for them.”

She also loves to cook. “I love to be in the kitchen! I am a foodie. I can spend hours looking through cookbooks and getting ideas for new recipes.” She loves cooking for her family (this is a family favorite in particular) and with her children, especially these snowmen cookies.

You can find Jenni at Jenni Penni’s Recipes for Everyday Living and on Facebook.

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