Stepping Heavenward: Book Review

I read the book “Stepping Heavenward” recently after my mom recommended it to me. She hadn’t yet read it but saw it recommended on the Nurtured Family blog and picked up a copy. My mom and cousin read it along with me.

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This is one of those books that starts at the beginning of the main character’s life (or, in this case, on her16th birthday) and follow’s her through until close to the end of it.  It reads like a diary so it is a very honest, transparent account of her life. From a young girl struggling with how to really love God and love people to an adult woman trying to live for God even when life seems to keep getting in the way, it is a beautiful, personal story that I could relate to in many, many ways.

There is some great encouragement found in it’s pages and I really felt like I learned a lot more about living for Christ and what that means. The work of progressive sanctification really shines through in this story.

The main character’s struggles are universal I think. We all can relate to them but sometimes you feel (as does the main character) like no one else goes through these things, that you are alone but it is really the common human experience. It is exciting to watch the main character grow and change throughout the story and gives us, as the reader, hope for our own life’s journey.

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