My Baby Girl is Turning 1

I don’t know how but my little baby is turning 1 next month. I have tried so hard to hold on to every little moment of her babyhood, even the bad stuff because I knew this day was going to come too soon. She is turning into a little girl and is not just my little newborn baby anymore. She has her whole own little personality, is intensely curious and loves to go, go, go all the time! Oh, she still needs me for now but I have a feeling I’m going to blink and she is going to be all grown up, or at least that’s what this last 11 months has felt like.

1 day old

We are busy planning her birthday (a Candy Land theme) and it is so much fun! We have spent way too much money on candy (that she won’t be eating) and decorations (that she won’t remember). It’s kind of silly really but we wanted her very first birthday to be special.

She brings us such joy and happiness and I know in the years watching her grow we will continue to be awed and amazed by her. But I’m sad that her first year is almost just a memory. I really can’t believe this time last year I only had a little under a month left of pregnancy and that my little Marcella was going to arrive right on her due date.

We love you baby girl! You will always, always be my baby, no matter how big you get.

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