Cookbooks…My Obsession

I will admit it. I have a problem…a growing problem. I am addicted to cookbooks. I have so many cookbooks and I continue to accumulate them. Have I used them all? Nope, but I can’t bear to part with any of them. My latest acquisition is “The Well-Filled Tortilla” and recently  I even borrowed a cookbook from a friend.

If it was just the cookbooks that would be enough of an issue but that is only the beginning. I have several baby food books as well and my baby has never even had a purée. I have a recipe box and 2 notebooks full of typed and handwritten recipes as well as recipes cut out from magazines. I have a folder in my email of recipes (as well as e-newsletter subscriptions with MORE recipes) and a Word doc on my PC of recipes.

I have a magazine subscription to “Food & Family” and on top of that a whole box filled with magazines I won’t get rid of because there just might be recipes in them I want to save. My iPhone has several recipe apps and I regularly read several food blogs. My PaperBackSwap account’s wish list contains mostly cookbooks.

You see! I told you I have a problem. And, yes, everything that is linked or pictured is something I own/read.

The craziest part is I don’t even normally use ANY of these!! So, I am making a promise to you, my blog readers. I WILL use one of my cookbooks at least once a week. I will even pledge to use a recipe from one each week, not even the same one. And I will return the cookbook I borrowed. Each week at the bottom of whatever blog I post that week, I will give you the cookbook and the recipe. Keep me accountable! No more letting my poor cookbooks sit loved but dusty and unused!

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