Unconventional Moms

Any other “unconventional” mom’s out there? What makes a mom conventional in the first place? Car seats carriers, strollers, bottles, cribs, rice cereal, epidurals, pacifiers…do all these things equal conventional? And slings, no artificial nipples, selective or no vaccinations, co-sleeping, water births, making your own babyfood, cloth diapers…do doing those things make you unconventional?And does conventional depend upon the others you live around and the people you share your life with?

I want to hear what you do that may be termed unconventional and what you do that is conventional. We all make lots of parenting choices and every mom does what is best for their family. Certainly my choices are not better than yours and vice versa…just different. So no defensive (or offensive!) comments, just what you do that is “the norm” and what you do that is different. 🙂

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