Activities to Get Your Kids Active

I don’t know about you but my Facebook feed has been bursting with pictures and statuses about kids returning to school. My oldest is four and a lot of her peers have already started or are now starting preschool. At this point, we have chosen to school at home and are leaning towards continuing that for kindergarten. With that in mind, I wanted to share a resource and new affiliate I’m interested in for down the road when she gets older. It’s called Freaky Rivet and it’s a service designed to get your kids active!

I am not the most creative mama when it comes to exciting crafts and the like to occupy young minds. My daughter adores art and crafts though as I imagine most kids do. I went ahead and signed up for the 3 month free trial to Freaky Rivet to check it out even though the activities are geared to the older crowd, ages seven to early teen specifically. From looking through some of the activities, I see some things I can tweak to be appropriate for her so I’m excited about that! I think it will be the absolutely perfect thing if we end up going the homeschool route in the future to help me with some creative fun stuff! There is a filter that lets you choose an area of interest so I could tailor it to what we are learning or where her interests are.Marcella "fishing"

Of course, it isn’t just good for homeschool families. It was created with the idea of getting kids off the couch and out doing things that will interest them. If you find your kids spending too much time watching TV or glued to a screen playing video games or surfing the web but struggle to offer engaging activities that will be an alternative, Freaky Rivet was made just for you. I love that they have a free trial that lasts three whole months so you really get the opportunity to test drive it to see if it is a good fit for your family without having to pay anything.

What do you think? Does this sound like something that would interest you? What about your kids? Starting in September, your kids will be able to share the activities they have completed with other kids making it that much more fun and engaging. I look forward to trying out and sharing some of the activities we do from the site! If you’re interested, sign up here! A freebie is included to help with boredom while traveling, too! I could have definitely used that during our last vacation.

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