Happy July and a Blog Update

I can’t believe my and Jude’s birthday month is here! Jude turns one on the 11th, and I’m still in disbelief! I’m sure I’ll get around to sharing an update of the last year with our little guy soon. We have been enjoying this mild summer (strange to say being in the South!) by spending time in the areas parks and taking walks downtown (with a stop at our favorite tea place, O-Cha Tea Bar, of course!) and playing in the fountains as you can see below.

A Little Bit of All of It

The Natural Living Series is wrapping up with 3 weeks to go. I’ve got more giveaways coming for natural products I think you’re going to love, and I’ve been enjoying.

Speaking of natural products, it doesn’t get any more natural than no ‘poo! No ‘poo is a way to wash your hair without shampoo but instead use baking soda and vinegar. I know a lot of people who swear by it! If you are looking for a way to make no ‘pooing super convenient, check out Sham-Free, our sponsor this month! They make 2 different no ‘poo kits to make your whole no ‘pooing experience a breeze. You can find Sham-Free on Facebook and Twitter, too.

For those who have taken the reader survey, thank you! It’s helped me to narrow down the focus for the blog in the coming months. If you haven’t taken it yet, feel free to head on over and fill it out. It’s 10 super fast questions and at the end you can tell me anything you really don’t like anonymously! 😉

Based on the feedback from the survey, it looks like I’ll be definitely doing a decluttering/simplifying focus coming soon. Pretty much everyone was interested in that, and it’s probably a good thing because my house is in desperate need! I’ll also be starting a little book club type of thing here at the blog. I’ll let you all help me narrow down which book to read each month as many of you said you were interested depending on the book. I’ll also continue to review products and do giveaways as pretty much everyone said they enjoy them.

Well, I think that’s it for now. I have a few other ideas for the blog as well that I’m still thinking over that I’ll share as I develop them. I’ll be taking a break from the focus on a particular subject as a lot of you prefer topics on varying things instead of just one series type of focus. Enjoy your July and try to stay cool!

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