Warm Weather is Here at Last!

With the warm weather finally making it’s appearance, we have been enjoying some warm weather fun! Time at the pool, watching hot air balloons, enjoying our new fire pit, sleeping in a tent in the backyard, roasting s’mores…you know, all that fun summer stuff! I hope you and your family are enjoying the summer weather, too!

I also hope you are enjoying the Natural Living Series. We are halfway through and have covered natural skincare, natural baby care, natural haircare, natural cleaning and are in the midst of natural wellness this week. I’ve already got ideas for what will come after this series, but I think I’ll wait to announce that since right now it’s all in my head and not planned out on paper yet.


This month we have a great line up of sponsors that I’ll share a little bit about below. Please do stop by and visit their sites. If you are interested in advertising yourself, local businesses get a one time 75% off a 30 day spot (email me at Julia at naturalifemom dot com for the code), and I still have (5) 50% off spots with the code “happy1000” for the first 5 to claim them. See the Ad page to reserve your spot!

Sham-Free is sponsoring a giveaway ending tomorrow so hurry over, and enter if you haven’t yet. What is Sham-Free? It’s the first company to offer a kit to make the No ‘Poo experience hassle free. They offer 2 kits, actually so you can decide which one suits your needs best. Either way, I think you’ll be pleased and glad to continue on no ‘pooing more easily than before. You can find Sham-Free on Facebook and Twitter so feel free to connect that way.

Speaking of ease, Norwex has you covered in the cleaning department. What could be easier than cleaning with water and a cloth? I’ve enjoyed working with Norwex consultant Morgan during cleaning week and you can, too. A Little Bit of All of It is having our very own party all on Facebook. It’s open for a little while longer so please join us! A little game is going on right now on the page so if you join tonight, you can even try your hand at winning a little something. It also gains you 10 entries into the giveaway for a Norwex Enviro Cloth & Window Cloth that is going on right now on the blog. Connect with Morgan on Facebook and Twitter as well. She would be delighted to answer any questions you have.


Love & Fluff is our newest sponsor. I adore their cute little logo in my sidebar. Have you guessed what they specialize in yet? Fluff, the kind you’ll find on cute babies everywhere. 🙂 If you need cloth diaper info, they’ve got you covered, too. Their FAQ page is a fantastic resource for the cloth curious and their handy chart describing all of the different cloth diaper types is fantastic. So if you find yourself in need (or want!) of fluff in the way of cloth diapers, head on over. They’ve got AMP, Peachy Baby, Drybees, Wahmies and Monkey Doodlez along with the accessories you’ll need for your CD journey. I’m ridiculously in love with the Drybees Lacies they sell. STOP THE CUTENESS!!

Nine Naturals is a wonderful company dedicated to your well-being and that of your baby. Their whole mission is to make shopping for beauty products while pregnant simple. You want safe products and they make them for you. That’s definitely simple! The site is also a resource for expectant mamas looking for some information on how to maintain a healthy environment for their child. I also love how their website lists every ingredient in the products they make and explains it for you. You can learn more about their Citrus + Mint Shampoo & Conditioner in my post, and be sure to sign up for their newsletter to get 10% off your first order! You can do that right on their home page.

Real Nappies Cloth Diapers has a pretty nice diaper system, and they are so confident about it they guarantee they will outlast 2 kids or they will replace them! Forget folding and pinning, that’s the cloth diapers of the past. The Real Nappies system is the leading reusable cloth diaper in New Zealand for good reason. They have everything you’ll need for diapering: flushable liners, absorbent insert and waterproof cover. They also sell prefolds, a product I had the opportunity to try for myself.

I love babywearing, of course, so it’s a no brainer that I love the Umi Sling. What started out as a mom making a ring sling for herself, blossomed into a mom making ring slings for women in Papua New Guinea. When you buy yourself (or a friend) one of her gorgeous slings, she donates one to a women in PNG so go do a good deed and enjoy one of her slings as well! I have one of the chevron prints and she also carries some handprinted batiks I adore. The cotton linen blends have also caught my eye. I’ve added them to my wish list! I do have a birthday coming up and the 100% linen peach sparkle is calling my name. 😉

If you’ve been here any length of time, you’ve heard me love on the soap nut. Olive Shoot Institute is the home of soap nuttiness and Soap Nuts TV. You can wash your laundry with them; you can wash your hair and body with them; you can clean your carpets and bathrooms and all sorts of other things with them…soap nuts are amazing! In addition to selling soap nuts, Olive Shoot Institute makes some sassy dolls you’ll want to check out: the Guinea Pig Girls. If you are weary of the cookie cutter dolls on the market, step up to a fresh, funky and unique Guinea Pig Girl doll. You can even request your very own custom doll. OSI sells beautiful handcrafted bowls as well. My favorite is the brown polka dot bowl.

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