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I loved my soft structured carrier with my daughter. Being able to easily wear my baby everywhere was wonderful. With Jude, I learned of the Boba 3G and its ability to easily convert to carrying a newborn without the need for an insert. Needless to say, I was very much intrigued. I also took a look at the Boba website and saw that it comes in beautiful prints along with solid colors. My favorite (and the one I have) is the Tweet print! I decided this was definitely a carrier I wanted to try out!

When I received it in the mail and unpacked it, I loved the Tweet print even more in person. It’s definitely one of the prettier soft structured carriers out there in my opinion. So, of course, I wanted to try it on right away. But, first, I had to adapt it to wear my newborn little guy. In theory, this is really easy. But, for me, in practice it was not so much. Now, to be fair, I do struggle with things like putting things together and I’m admitting I had trouble figuring it out knowing that most of you are thinking I’m pretty dumb. But that was my experience. The first part is very easy. You just take the bottom and fold it up and snap. Even I can do that. The next step is to take the buckles off and flip them and put them back on. For some reason, I just kept getting really confused. The Boba does come with a lovely color brochure with pictures so really I should have been able to figure this out. As it was, I waited for my husband (who is very good at putting things together) and he actually said I had it right. So, there you go.

Anyway, so I FINALLY could put the Boba on. For a newborn (starting at 7 lbs), there is no other way except to froggy their legs to get them in the Boba when it’s been converted to carry a newborn. When Jude was younger, he didn’t mind having his legs froggied but very soon he did not like this. For that reason, I can’t wear him in it as often as I would like. However, I wore it just yesterday, and he was content and slept in it. Most times when I wear him in it he does take a couple minutes of bouncing to get him comfortable in it. He has slept in it several times, and I have used this carrier as my go-to when I need to dry my hair, put on make-up, etc and don’t have a lot of time. I can pop him in it very quickly and have both of my hands free to do those things. For wee babes, the headrest is adjustable so you can make it smaller to fit tiny heads and keep them supported. There is also a nice sleeping hood that detaches if you don’t want it or tucks away in a zippered pouch.

On the other end of the weight limit is my 3.5-year-old daughter. Actually she is only 30 lbs and this carrier goes to 45! She is well within the weight limit but since her legs are so long, I wouldn’t feel comfortable wearing her for long periods since she would not be supported properly. However, because I wanted to “test” out what it would feel like to carry a bigger child, I did put her in it in the back carry. It was pretty comfortable considering she weighs over a 1/4 of my body weight. For another perspective on wearing a toddler, check out the Momma Jorje’s Boba 3G review.

Although I wasn’t able to actually test out all of the features of this carrier since both of my children didn’t need to use them, I would still like to point them out. This carrier is, as far as I know, the only one that comes with foot straps. (My daughter’s long 3.5-year-old legs were too long for them, otherwise I’d tell you how she liked them.) These nifty foot straps allow your little one’s legs to be in the proper position for the best support. The Boba also has some extra height for more back support for baby’s back and to keep mom’s center of gravity closer to her body.

The Boba has lots of straps for adjusting. It will fit 5’0″ to 6’3″ and 25″ to 58″. I’m petite and have a small waist and come close to this being too big for me in the waist. I did have to fiddle quite a bit with the waistband to get it close enough to my body (extra important when you’re wearing a newborn in it) but finally found the perfect setting for me. Luckily, you can use the attached elastic bands on each strap to tuck them away. Otherwise, I would have had a lot of long straps hanging everywhere for sure. I loved being able to pull the side straps to get Jude nice and close to me. The chest clip is pretty easy to move up and down but the buckle in the back (or front depending on what carry you are doing) is STRONG. I actually (being the wimp that I am) have to move the buckle to the front to be able to get it off. I can’t do it one-handed. This is probably because they are military grade. Trust me, these bad boys are not ever coming undone on their own.

I like this carrier but I think I will like it a lot more once my little guy is big enough to have his little legs out since he is not a fan of being froggied. It is a really neat feature, though, that I can put him in it without adding anything to the carrier.

Guess what? You can have one, too! I’m giving a Boba 3G and 2 Boba Wraps away (in conjunction with Arizona Mama and Mom Always Finds Out.) So, go enter and win and you can carry your babe in a Boba, too! Entry is via the Rafflecopter widget below.

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Disclosure: I received no compensation for this post but did receive a complimentary Boba 3G for the purpose of this review. I was not required to give a positive review and all opinions are 100% my own. I only review products that I either have purchased myself and love or products I have been given a chance to review by the company that I believe are products my readers would benefit from. Boba links are affiliate links.

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