Happy 1st Anniversary! A Look Over the Last Year

November 15, 2009 was the very first post here at A Little Bit of All of It and we’ve had 71 posts since then (if you count this one). It’s been a fun year for me here at the blog. Some months I didn’t have much to say (like September, no posts that month) and some I blogged away (like October where I had the most posts at 14).

Here are some stats from the past year:

Most frequenter commenter: Rachael

Post with highest number of views: My First Green Smoothie

Post with the most comments: Waterbirth

Blog with the highest number of referrals to this site: My Journey to Lean

Blog that had the highest number of referrals from this site: Cella’s Sweets

Busiest day: June 8, 2010 with 108 hits

Busiest month: November 2009

So, whether you’ve been here since the beginning or just started reading recently, THANKS! And, to prove I’m thankful, I have something I’m very excited about! At 2pm EST today, come check out the blog. I’ll be having a 1st anniversary giveaway that I know you’re all going to be just as excited about!

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