The Ministry of Motherhood: Book Review

I attended a study group on the book The Ministry of Motherhood and have found it to be a wonderful book on parenting biblically, using the way Jesus treated his disciples as our example. The book consists of 5 gifts we can give to our children: The Gift of Grace, The Gift of Inspiration, The Gift of Faith, The Gift of Training and The Gift of Service. Some of these sections were more helpful than others but I was able to glean something from each.

Each section starts off with a story taken from the scripture of Jesus with his disciples and then goes on to show us how we can model this same type of discipleship in our children.

One of the things I really liked about the book was causing me to think of motherhood as my ministry and that everything I do every day, even the mundane, is part of that ministry. I can make even folding laundry a teaching opportunity for my daughter.

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