I got inspired…and this time actually have done something with that inspiration. I started a blog! I should give credit to what inspired me first, I guess. It all started with a friend asking me to write about my parenting style (and, specifically, my grievances with a certain very popular parenting book). I have been enjoying putting down all of my jumbled up thoughts about the subject (yes, still working on it) and then, in the midst of doing that, I heard a podcast about moms starting blogs. I thought, hey, why not??? So here you have it. I blogged about planning my wedding, newlywed bliss, fertility awareness, building our first home, trying to conceive and just daily life but got out of the habit awhile back. And, you know what, I miss it! So, cyberspace, I’m back! Yes, I’m still long-winded, yes it still takes me a long time to make my point but this time I have added a new job description to my resume…mom. Will this JUST be a mommy blog? No, but that IS a huge part of my life right now so it will be heavy on mommy adventures. But I promise to include some content that my BF (not a mommy) can enjoy, too.

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