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I so love my cloth diapers! They are fantastic! I love the money they save me, the fact that chemicals aren’t up against Marcella’s skin, how cute she looks wearing them, how easy they are to use, etc. There are a million different types of cloth diapers out there, from the kind your mom most likely used to all-in-ones (AIO’s) that are all one piece and are as simple to use as a disposable. There are also tons of great websites out there that sell cloth diapers and accessories. I have been participating in The Great Cloth Diaper Hunt this month and have thoroughly enjoyed checking out the variety of work-at-home mom’s (WAHM) sites. I haven’t been through all of them yet but I thought I would highlight some of the ones that stood out to me and some of the really cool products they have to offer.

MA! motherhood with attitude -Not all of the sites on the hunt have cloth diapers (although 95% of them do) and this was one of them that did not. However, I loved their creative notecards and notepads! A portion of the profits from the site go to help women with postpartum depression so that’s cool, too!

MiniMe Baby Gear has a TON of stuff on it! They had some of the cutest little onesies (like the one on their home page) and some neat gift ideas like the Lollipop Blankets.

Nanny Deprived – I thought this site was a great one. I like how they divide up their products in categories like “Mommy Chores” and “Mommy Rewards”. Check out their retro housewife aprons and reusable sandwich bags.

Non Toxic Tots – The non-toxic nail polish on the home page got my attention and I love all of the wooden baby toys, too.

Otter Babies is home to the Otter Blotter diapers. They have some great All-in-Two (AI2) diapers that I had never seen before. Neat concept! They also had some diaper cover designs I liked.

Saturday with Mez has only one product, a book of the same title. You can actually view the book completely from the website. It is a picture book of a day in the life of a breastfeeding toddler. The authors (Mez’s parents) created the book when they were struck by the absence of breastfeeding in the baby book world.

There are a LOT more sites I have yet to go through so maybe I’ll feature more some other time but I hope you enjoy checking out the sites above as I did and maybe you’ll even see something you want to purchase!

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