Savoring Every Moment…Even with an Eighteen Month Old

My sweet baby girl is becoming less baby and more girl every day. It is so fun to watch her grow, her personality shining through more and more as the months whiz pass.

The tantrums, though, are no fun. A little over a week ago the tantrums started and the “terrible twos” officially made their appearance. I was anticipating them so it was no surprise but still no fun. After a week of being completely frazzled and feeling sort of tantrumy (yep, just made that word up) myself, I decided to step back and get my bearings.

This is just part of the human growing up experience, part of the parenting experience. And I don’t want to spend the next 6 months or so wishing this time away. I want to savor it…every moment because this time of her life is only now, only once and I know I will miss it one day. I am choosing to dwell on what is lovely, what is commendable, etc.

And there is a whole lot of loveliness to take in. I just look at her and am overwhelmed by my love for her. She has the prettiest smile, the most smile-inducing laugh, the cutest little sense of humor, the sweetest spontaneous hugs, the best cuddles and the most energetic, enthusiastic personality. She is such a fun little person and is an absolute joy most of the time.

I also took some time to step back and evaluate how I was responding to her little fits. How am I modeling that when we get upset, we don’t lose it? Hmmm, that wasn’t fun to do but needful. I have to model the behavior I want her to emulate, especially when she’s so young. My words sometimes are lost on her, but I know my actions are not. She picks up on all sorts of things I do, like putting toys in their proper places, sorting and folding laundry, putting away dishes, etc. If she copies all that, I know she is watching my every move. I better respond properly when I am upset about something if I want her to. Anything less would be hypocritical really.

So I have decided to enjoy this stage, just like all the others, and not shrink back in dread and hopelessness when she is upset because I put her brown shoes on instead of her black.

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