The Maya Wrap

The first ring sling I ever heard about was the Maya Wrap. I contemplated getting one with my first baby but my mom ended up buying me another ring sling
instead so I had never tried a Maya until recently. Thanks to Carry Me Baby Carrier Rental Service, I was able to try the Maya Wrap and I really liked it!

For the unfamiliar, a ring sling is pretty much what it sounds like. In the case of the Maya Wrap, it is a cotton hand-loomed fabric and comes in either unpadded or lightly padded. The one I tried out was a lightly padded wrap and the padding is in the shoulder. So basically it is long strips of fabric that adjust with rings. The Maya has an open tail which just means a long piece of fabric that will hang loose on the side when it is on the wearer. My style had a nice zippered pocket in the tail for storing things like a cell phone, keys, whatever. A ring sling is designed so that you carry the weight with one shoulder and your back.

I found this to be a very comfortable ring sling for the most part. Sometimes, if I didn’t have it on just right or Jude in it just right, it would hurt my back some though. The material was soft and I found adjusting it to be fairly simple. Jude seemed content in it. He normally fell asleep.

I really like the fact that with the Maya Wrap I could get my baby in quickly and out quickly. There was definitely a learning curve for me with my first ring sling (so I imagine if I’d never used one before it would be the same with this one), but once I got it, it was fairly easy to quickly pop my baby in and out. You can use this on your hip, tummy-to-tummy or in a cradle carry (although that is not really recommended unless you are nursing.)

Another huge advantage to a ring sling is it is one of the easiest carriers to discreetly nurse in. I didn’t actually end up needing to nurse while wearing him in the Maya Wrap, but have successfully nursed in my other ring sling so I’m sure it is the same. You can put them in the cradle hold and the sling covers everything. You just need to loosen the rings and keep on eye on your baby.

Adjusting the fit is really easy in the Maya Wrap and getting baby in nice and high and tight is easy, too. That is something else I love about ring slings! I actually could even wear Marcella (3.5 years old and 30 lbs) on my hip in this. We tried it and she thought it was fun. 🙂 We went out to eat once and Jude got a little wriggly so I just loosened up the rings and he was happy again. It was such a quick fix unlike a woven or stretchy wrap where it’s a little harder to quickly adjust it like the Maya was.

Disadvantages? Sometimes I wouldn’t get it on just right and so it would hurt my back. The tail, for me (I’m 5’2″) was really long but that is because I was renting and it was a size medium. I will buy a small if I end up getting one meaning that will be a non issue.

I’ve been contemplating purchasing my own now. I just loved how soft the fabric was and adjusting it with the rings was so smooth. It folds up really nicely and is not a bulky carrier and the pocket was great!

If you’re wondering how exactly the Maya works, their website has a great series of videos (and a pdf) of the different holds and how to thread and put on the Maya.

Do you have a Maya? What has your experience been like?

Disclosure: I received no compensation for this post but Carry Me Baby Carrier Rental Service did lend me a Maya Wrap for 2 weeks for the purpose of this review. I was not required to give a positive review and all opinions are 100% my own. Amazon links are affiliate links.

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