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It’s that time of year again. Do I hear Christmas carols already? 😉 Honestly, I’m already feeling overwhelmed from all of the Halloween festivities, and we still have the 2 biggest holidays of the year coming up!

I’ve been contemplating purchasing this holiday bundle. It comes with resources to avoid this holiday burnout feeling I’m experiencing right now, super easy no bake treats, a lovely Christian-focused Christmas devotional that I am thrilled about and you will hear more about later this month, as well as holiday gift ideas that give your recipients the gift of you! There’s also a fun kids in the kitchen resource AND a yoga 5 class series. For $9.97, that’s a heck of a deal. I think I am going to get it for the yoga classes alone!

What do you think? What gets you through the holiday mayhem in one piece?


Embrace the holiday season with the Mindful Holidays eBundle, featuring 7 resources to boost your holiday spirit for only $9.97!

What’s in the bundle?

  • Pioneering Today — A Homemade Christmas. Melissa K. Norris, 48 pages, value $2.99
  • Bliss Balls for Beginners. Luschka van Onselen, 50 pages, value $3.22
  • More than a Holiday. Sarah Nichols, 150 pages, value $7.95
  • Avoiding Holiday Burnout: 10 Keys to a Relaxing and Enjoyable Holiday Season. Marie James, 35 pages, value $3.99
  • Adventures With Kids! In the Kitchen. Chara, 82 pages, value $14.95
  • Work Hard, Rest Deeply: 5-Class Series. Jennifer Hoffman, value $28
  • Approaching a personal herbal practice, herbalism basics and safety information. Amanda Klenner, 41 pages, value $4

This sale is organized by my affiliate partners Mindful Nurturing and the Nourished Living Network. Buying a bundle through the affiliate links in this post supports this blog. Thank you!

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