Advent Activities Challenge

This month Iyas is sharing Freaky Rivet’s version of the advent calendar. Learn more about Iyas and my affiliate partner Freaky Rivet at the bottom of this post.

Chocolate advent calendars. Gingerbread advent calendars. Whisky advent calendars. Beef Jerky advent calendars??? All wonderful for the indulge-fest that most now associate with Christmas. But Freaky Rivet has a different take. For the first time, we’re launching our Activities Challenge Advent Calendar. An advent calendar to keep your kids busy right up until Christmas (and a few days after!).

It’s a simple concept. We have an online Calendar where each day from 1st to 24th December (and a little after to allow them to catch up!) we will be releasing a fun activity for kids to do. The activities range from physical, to artsy, to astronomy, to wordplay, to unapologetic games and most things in between.

24 activities, 24 days.

All are fun, use stuff you’ll probably have lying around the house (like dad), and can mostly be done without you having to spend much time yourself on them (unless you want to). They’re aimed at 7 to 12 year-olds, though in tests we’ve had 3 and 18 year-olds all having a blast with them as well.

At the end of each activity, we’ll be asking them to upload a video or photo of the activity. For each activity they do and upload, they’ll win a month’s membership to Freaky Rivet’s brand new online club to get kids active for only 1 penny. As membership is normally £4 (about $6) a month, they could join the club for up to two years for 24p instead of £48! That’s less than half a bar of chocolate!

So you get to keep them busy with fun activities that are good for them in the run up to Christmas, and they can win up to 2 years of membership to a club where they can develop hobbies and interests and share them with a global community of kids.

And as it’s been such a virtuous Advent, then you should absolutely indulge in the chocolate and whisky Advent Calendars that line your high street. Though the beef jerky is probably not for everyone!

Find out more about how to enter this challenge for free on Freaky Rivet’s Advent Activities Challenge site.

Freaky Rivet was founded by Iyas, the author of this article and father of four, and Kevin, an ex-teacher of over a thousand children, who now runs activity days for schools. Iyas used to lead an organisation of nearly 500 people, which he left for the bigger challenge of herding his four children with his wife around Latin America for 6 months. During this life-changing trip to recover from the corporate world, he was disturbed to see how easily children’s natural curiosity, discovery and energy could be side-tracked when a video game was in the vicinity. Deciding that technology was still essential for our children, but that it shouldn’t be given free reign instead of kids exploring, moving and creating, he decided with Kevin, an old friend from their time together at Oxford University, to come up with the Freaky Rivet concept – inviting children into a life of activity, of exploration and of discovery by using technology rather than fighting it. In his spare time (kidding, right?) he runs a charity for children living in disadvantaged and war-torn environments.

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