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Welcome to the ninth week in our 10 week series on Natural Living! I hope that you learn something that will help you on your journey to natural living. Wherever you are, just jump right in! Hopefully we can all inspire each other to live more mindfully, one step at a time. (Some links in this post are affiliate links.)

NLS500x500.jpgThis week’s focus is on natural mouthcare. I have been trying to find more natural options for taking care of my teeth for awhile now. I thought about making my own toothpaste but their seem to be so many options and recipes so I was just confused and intimidated by it. I have finally found the perfect toothpaste for me and my daughter that I’m thrilled about so I’ll be sharing that this week with you all.

I’ve also been bummed about no longer feeling comfortable with conventional mouthwash products so I was on the hunt for something natural. I found a natural mouthwash I like, too so I’ll post about it this week!

As far as dental visits go, you may went to look into holistic dentistry. I have not personally needed a lot of dental work myself but have followed a series of posts Green Smoothie Girl did on conventional dental procedures that was eye opening.

To tie into last week as well, I have a toothbrush to share with you that has replaceable heads instead of having to throw away the entire toothbrush when you need to just replace the head. It’s pretty cool!

What concerns do you have with keeping your mouth and teeth healthy? Do you have a favorite product you use for your teeth/ mouth?

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