Is that Mud in Your Mouth?

My first introduction to something other than conventional toothpaste was when I was a child. My best friend mentioned that they used baking soda to brush their teeth. I thought that was a little strange but was intrigued nonetheless. Then I remember seeing a brand of toothpaste boasting it was made of baking soda. Years later, I had my daughter, Marcella, and knew I didn’t want to put conventional toothpaste in her mouth. I found some toothpaste that was considered a “natural” brand and it didn’t have fluoride so I felt okay about using it for her. Meanwhile I still used conventional toothpaste. Upon discovering the EWG’s Skin Deep Database, I discovered my “natural” toothpaste for Marcella was perhaps not the most natural after all. (Some links below are affiliate links.)


Since then, I’ve been on the hunt for something with only truly natural ingredients. Finding toothpaste without fluoride for adults was hard, and I wasn’t really up for making my own. I kept reading all of these positive reviews of Earthpaste. I was intrigued but nervous about the fact it was made with clay. I mean, what would that taste like? I decided to buy some baking soda toothpaste but it still had fluoride. It wasn’t the best tasting so I decided when I used it up, I would finally try Earthpaste. It couldn’t taste any worse than the baking soda one I figured and so I ordered some in cinnamon, thinking that flavor was the most likely to be one Marcella may like.

As it turns out, at least for me, it did not taste like I was brushing with mud. Like I mentioned, I was use to the baking soda toothpaste and since that didn’t foam, I didn’t really miss the foaming action of conventional toothpaste either. I was so happy! It seems I had found a winner! Sadly, Marcella declared it too “spicy”. The cinnamon flavor was okay to me (reminiscent of cinnamon chewing gum or cinnamon hard candy), but not being a huge fan of cinnamon, I was interested to try the wintergreen and peppermint flavors. I purchased a tube of the peppermint (like a minty breath mint) and definitely liked that. Marcella still was not a fan. It was just too strong of a flavor for her.

I went to the Earthpaste website to write them to ask whether their wintergreen flavor was a hit with kids and lo and behold they had just come out with a Lemon Twist flavor that was touted as well-loved by kids! Marcella is a huge fan of lemons (her favorite drink is lemonade) so I was very optimistic! Earthpaste agreed to send me some to review, along with the wintergreen flavor and Marcella indeed does love the lemon flavored version! I also found my favorite of the four flavors in the wintergreen. It reminds me of the taste I was used to when I used conventional toothpaste.

I could go on and on about all of the beneficial ingredients that are in Earthpaste. You can read all the wonderful benefits of Redmond Clay here on the blog but suffice it to say, it’s good stuff! Real Salt is also excellent with lots of beneficial minerals and you can read all about it here, too. A very awesome side benefit to using Earthpaste as my teeth have actually gotten whiter! I was pleasantly surprised! And did I mention you can swallow this?? Yes, Earthpaste is safe enough to swallow so no worries about your kids swallowing it and you can, too! I still rinse and spit out just because I like to spit out what I just brushed off my teeth but swallowing is safe, too!

It’s also important to note what they don’t put in Earthpaste. You can check out the graphic below for that information.


Are you convinced yet? Two of you can win your own 4 pack of all of the Earthpaste flavors to try for yourself! Entry is via the Rafflecopter entry system below. Good luck!

Disclosure: I received no compensation for this post. I bought 2 tubes of Earthpaste myself and received 2 tubes of Earthpaste from Redmond Trading Company for the purpose of this review. I was not required to give a positive review and all opinions are 100% my own. I only review products that I either have purchased myself and love or products I have been given a chance to review by the company that I believe are products my readers would benefit from. Amazon links are affiliate links.

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