Sham-Free: The Original No ‘Poo Kit

Yesterday we had a great guest post from Earth Mama’s World on how to go no ‘poo. And today we have a wonderful giveaway to help you make it incredibly easy to go no ‘poo!  It’s called Sham-Free and it’s a kit that helps to have everything ready to go for your no ‘pooing experience.

Sham-Free: The Original No 'Poo KitCreator Julie loved the no ‘poo method but wasn’t loving the inconvenience of it so she created The Original No ‘Poo Kit to simplify it. There are two types of kits: a Sham-Free Basic Kit and a Sham-Free Deluxe Kit. The Basic Kit is just the basics. It comes with two 16 oz capped bottles (one for vinegar and one for baking soda), a funnel, a graduated mixing cup and a brochure with tips, tricks and instructions to get you started. The Deluxe Kit comes with everything you need to start no ‘pooing right away. It has everything the Basic Kit has plus a shower caddy to store your supplies in, 16 oz of baking soda and 16 oz of vinegar. The Deluxe Kit is what we’re giving away today.

In case you didn’t read yesterday’s post and are sitting here wondering what in the world no ‘poo is, here is a brief description taken from Sham-Free’s site:

How to go No ‘Poo:

  1. Squirt about 1 tsp – 1 Tbsp of baking soda into the cup.  Fill partway with water, swish the water around to help dissolve the baking soda, then add more water.  Aim for roughly a cup of baking soda water to start with.  If your hair is very long or thick, you might want to increase the amount of baking soda and/or water.
  2. Pour baking soda solution over your hair slowly, using your fingertips to help it get down to your roots.
  3. Scrub gently as you would shampoo.  Your baking soda may foam up a little, but it won’t be like soapy shampoos – no big poofs of foam!
  4. Rinse with plain water from the shower.  At this point, your hair may feel a little strange.  When I first started I thought it felt like wet straw.  Don’t worry, just make sure you’ve rinsed out all the baking soda.
  5. Rinse out the cup and squirt about a teaspoon of vinegar into it.  Use more if your hair tends to be dry, less if it tends to be very oily.
  6. Fill the cup with water and pour over your hair.  You want to concentrate the vinegar water on the ends, especially if you have an oily scalp.
  7. Rinse with plain water from the shower.

Why no ‘poo? The answer to that depends on you really. It appeals to me as someone who is interested in going back to the natural way of doing things, without all of the toxins that come with the conventional shampoos and conditioners. Something interesting I learned awhile back is that your typical shampoo and conditioner is designed to strip the oil from your hair. Okay, so that doesn’t seem like a bad thing, right? I mean, we have been trained to think that oil in your hair is a bad thing. But, that’s the thing, it’s not! Our hair actually knows what it’s doing. We mess with the natural process of how everything is supposed to work when we strip the oils. We confuse them and make them overproduce which means you have to keep stripping it. It’s a vicious cycle. Going no ‘poo stops that process in it’s tracks. No ‘poo gets your hair back to how it is supposed to work. There generally is a period where your hair has to get used to not being stripped anymore and get rid of all the toxins before it can regulate the correct amount of oil to produce but once it does, your hair will finally realize it’s true potential.

Do you want to try going no ‘poo and see what potential lies in your natural hair? Or are you a no ‘pooer that is frustrated by the inconvenience of no ‘poo but love the results? Enter to win your own Deluxe Kit from Sham-Free via the Rafflecopter entry form below. Good Luck!

Disclosure: Sham-Free is sponsoring this post and giveaway. All opinions are 100% my own. I only agree to sponsorships that I believe are a good fit for and would benefit my readers.

Photo Credit: Sham-Free

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