Baby K’tan Breeze

Baby K'tan BreezeI really enjoy using my Baby K’tan baby carrier. I still wear my almost 9 month old baby in it. There is just one problem. The weather is warming up and, well, it can get rather warm in the Baby K’tan. That is where the Baby K’tan Breeze comes in handy.

The Breeze version is just like the regular Baby K’tan baby carrier with one big difference: instead of cotton knit material the Breeze is made of 50% mesh and 50% cotton. The mesh is the key to keeping you and baby cool. I like that you can use the cotton side as well though…or both.

It comes in white (the color I chose) or black. It works just like the regular version except you should place the mesh or cotton in front depending on which material you’d like against the baby. I just check to make sure if I want the mesh, for instance, it is on my front and the cotton material is on my back (or vice versa if I prefer it the other way, of course).Baby K'tan Breeze

If you aren’t familiar with the K’tan, it wraps like a wrap but you don’t actually have to wrap! There’s no worrying about tails dragging the ground or trying to make sure you have it tight enough. It is important you get the right size (go smaller if you are not certain which size to get) but as long as you do, it should fit really well without worrying about how you wrapped it. It’s already wrapped for you!

There are 2 loops of fabric: half mesh and half cotton. You place the loops together and over your head and then put each arm through one of the loops. This is where you’d want to move the fabric around to put whichever you prefer to be against the baby like I described above. Then drop one loop down around your waist. Then you would take your baby and place the first loop around him/her and then pull the second loop around the baby and up onto your shoulder. Once you have your baby pulled into a seated position with the fabric spread out to their knees, you would then pull the band on your back down and make sure the fabric is comfortably in an X on your back. Then the final step is to take the support band (which doubles as a storage bag, one of the things I really love about this wrap!) and wrap that around your baby and tie. It actually is pretty simple and takes longer to write out then to put it on. Once you have done it a couple times, you will be comfortable enough to do it while holding your baby. There aren’t many baby carriers you can put on while still holding your baby (well, not many I can anyway!)

Baby K'tan BreezeIt starting to warm up here in the South so I’ve been wearing my Breeze carrier out and about. I love the light summery look of the white and how, well, breezy it feels while using the mesh side. Jude likes it, too! I’m excited about using it at the beach and pool as well this summer!

Disclosure: I received no compensation for this post. I did receive a complimentary Baby K’tan Breeze Carrier for the purpose of this review. I was not required to give a positive review and all opinions are 100% my own. I only review products that I either have purchased myself and love or products I have been given a chance to review by the company that I believe are products my readers would benefit from. Amazon links are affiliate links.

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