Moby GO Soft Structured Carrier

Moby GO: A Little Bit of All of ItI’m sure you are familiar with the beloved Moby Wrap, perfect for wrapping your baby up as a newborn and beyond. But maybe sometimes you want something super quick but still as comfy as your Moby Wrap and maybe something that feels more supportive as your baby gets older and bigger. If that’s you, I think you’re going to love the Moby GO.

Moby GO backWhat sets apart the Moby GO is the fact that it is designed to have the comfort of the Moby Wrap and I think it achieves that. I love the straps! They really do have that wrap feel to them. They are wide unpadded straps that cross in the back and they are very comfortable. I’m petite and have small shoulders. That makes these straps perfect for me because they don’t slide off my shoulders and they lay flat.

The Moby GO can be worn in a front carry only so that could be considered a drawback if you had your heart set on back wearing. I mostly wear my little guy on the front, so I’m perfectly content with it. The only thing I struggle with a little is putting it on. I fully admit I easily get confused so the crossing of the straps is a little tricky for me. And I have to remember to make sure his legs come under the buckles. But, as with most things, once you know how to do it, it’s no big deal. So I would say there is a slight learning curve (or at least there was for me). However, you can wear this another way that makes it super easy where you put only one shoulder strap on and then place the other strap on after you put the baby in. You can see the Moby GO instruction booklet to see what I’m referring to.

Moby GOThe Moby GO comes in grey (the color you see in my pictures), black and a patterned flower print called Barberry. It also has a hood, and I really like the way this hood is designed. It tucks up and is stored in a zippered pocket on the front of the carrier. You can completely remove it from the pocket if you like (it Velcro’s in place) which is nice but what I like is it’s curved shape. It is more rounded than most and like a real hood like you’d find on a sweatshirt. (I’m using the hood in the picture at the top of this post.)

The Moby GO is suited for babies from 15 lbs to 45 lbs so this will last you through the toddler years most likely. I’m currently using it with my 17-18 lb 8 month old little guy. Would you like your own? The price point is a very affordable $79.95, a lot less than you’ll pay for most soft structured carriers. Head on over to my friends at Natural Parents Network where they are giving away one. You can also see what Mamma Pie thought about using it with her 5 year old!

Disclosure: I received no compensation for this post. I did receive a complimentary Moby GO Baby Carrier for the purpose of this review. I was not required to give a positive review and all opinions are 100% my own. I only review products that I either have purchased myself and love or products I have been given a chance to review by the company that I believe are products my readers would benefit from.

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