Boba Vest for Cold Weather Babywearing

Boba VestI love babywearing, but it can be tricky in the colder weather. I have a babywearing coat but sometimes it isn’t cold enough for a heavy coat but it’s not warm enough to not have something. The Boba Vest is the perfect solution I’ve found!

It’s made of warm fleece and is just the right amount of cozy warmth for when it’s just too warm to wear a coat. Of course, I have lightweight jackets for myself, but they don’t keep Jude warm if I’m wearing him. I don’t want to literally leave him out in the cold! Now I don’t have to. I just slip my Boba Vest on.

The vest comes in charcoal (a grey color) and black. I choose the charcoal so that is what you’ll see in the pictures. The vest itself is soft fleece with a small zipper section and hole for your head, a hole for your baby’s head and a small collar like section on the opening and a zipper down the side. I admit to being a bit confused the first time trying it on with all those holes, but I just needed to look it over a little better to make sure I was placing it on me properly.

Boba VestI love that it has a nice cozy pocket for your hands and it’s long enough to completely cover my baby’s legs. I’m loving it for the early March weather. We are starting to see temperatures warm just ever so slightly. If it is still really cold where you are at, this vest would be really great paired underneath a coat. If you don’t have a babywearing coat, this is perfect to keep baby warm since your coat won’t cover your baby. The vest covers all but the baby’s head. Put on a cute hat and he/she will be nice and toasty warm! The collar on the hole even covers their neck. And it works for front or back wearing!

Would you like your own Boba Vest? Enter below via the Rafflecopter entry system! Good Luck!

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