Babywearing Mama Profile – Shakeeta

Each week I’ll be introducing you to a babywearing mama (or papa!) during A Little Bit of All of It’s Babywearing Series. Find out more about this mama at the end of the post.

When did you start wearing your baby/young child?  I started my foray into babywearing with a Moby when my daughter was 2 months old.

What is your favorite carrier? My favorite carrier is my Galaxy Grey Ergo! I was so excited when I finally got my hands on one! I also pretty much love any wrap I get my hands on!

Photo Credit: Shakeeta Williams
Photo Credit: Shakeeta Williams

What is your favorite carry? For a newbie, I love the FWCC or PWCC. For older babies/toddlers, I love the RRTT.

How did you first learn about Babywearing and what were your initial impressions of it? I first read about it online and thought “What a neat concept! Maybe I should give this a try!”

How many carriers do you own and what are they? I have 6: 2 Ergos (Galaxy Grey and Blue), 2 pouch slings (burgundy & brown), a blue Didymos wrap, and a GypsyMama Bali Breeze Stretch in Sol

Do you have a favorite babywearing story/scenario?  My favorite scenario would be trying to balance my 2-year-old in the GMBBS on my back and going to the bathroom while 7 months pregnant. That was quite the feat but I got it done!

What is your favorite thing about wearing your baby? the closeness that I feel with my babes and the fact that they’re also close enough for a kiss or snuggle. It’s awesome and has helped me be so much more productive!

I’m a 25-year-old WOHM to a Southern belle & gent and married to the most awesome IT guy. We met in “God’s Country” (Clemson, SC) and now we’re raising a new generation of diehard Clemson fans here! We like our tea sweet and our summers hot!

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