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Show me Your Tea Stash at Strocel.com

I remember seeing the tea stashes last year, specifically Hobo Mama’s, Up, Down & Natural’s, Anktangle’s and Kelly Naturally’s. And, of course, Amber’s at Strocel.com. Last January I was in the throes of miserable morning sickness (all day sickness, ahem) and this at least made me smile. (After all, the one and only thing that actually made me feel like a half human during that time of utter misery was a Starbucks Chai Latte…go figure.) Anyhow, I wasn’t blogging a lot then and, even if I was, I couldn’t handle being in the kitchen at all (much less opening up the pantry) for any length of time because of the smells (that no one but me could smell).

Tea Stash - A Little Bit of All of ItSo this year when I saw the tea shot stash post again on Strocel.com I got pretty excited. This time I can post my own tea stash! I adore tea and drink a lot of hot tea in the winter months. I have at least one cup a day, sometimes more. And Marcella likes it, too.


Tea Stash - A Little Bit of All of ItStarting at the far left back row I have some Amanzi loose teas – Green Rooibos, Lullaby (Rooibos) and Red Rooibos in the bags and the blue tin is Blueberry Splash (white tea). Josh bought me all of those. Next to the tin is another blueberry loose tea straight from Sweden from the lovely Lori. The two stacked tins are more Amanzi loose teas from Josh – Strawberry Buds (white tea) and Raspberry Vine. Next up is that box of tea bags – Organic Nettle Leaf. I bought them from Vitacost when I was pregnant for swelling when my doula recommended it. I really wasn’t even swelling that badly, but I wanted it on hand just in case. Last in the back is a box of Bigelow Plantation Mint tea bags. I don’t regularly drink it but have it on hand for those rare times I want to make my special Sweet Mint Iced Tea. It is loaded with sugar but it is absolutely delicious and refreshing for a rare once in a while treat. And this exact brand of tea is the only kind that is good for making it.

Tea Stash - A Little Bit of All of ItNow for the teas in front. We have my organic Tea Spot sampler. These are good stuff. I’m actually down to 5 from my original 6. Those yellow tea bags are Tazo Calm Herbal tea given to me by a coworker. The flavor is a little too strong for me actually but I’m still hanging on to them for some reason. Below those are two bags of Traditional Medicinals Organic Mother’s Milk tea given to me in my Hypnobabies class. I drank one of these and my milk production went nuts so I’m scared to try them again, ha! So it’s nice to know if I feel like I need a boost, I have these on hand. The pretty box is my Sacred Rose Holiday Blend loose tea. I adore this tea. It is SO SO good. Another little bag of Nettle is next sent to me by Dionna after Jude was born. That last little white tin is some Chai loose tea purchased at my favorite tea place, O-Cha Tea Bar.

Not pictured in the stash shots, because it was on the way to me when I took the pictures, is my favorite Republic of Tea Blackberry Sage. SOOOOOO good!

What’s in your tea stash?? I’d love to hear!!

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