Peek into Our Sunday

I’m participating in 10 on 10 again this month. This month the 10th fell on a Sunday. We normally go to church Sunday’s but since Marcella has a runny nose and cough, we kept her home since they ask that children with symptoms of illness not be brought to Sunday School. So, here is our day in pictures.

9 am - Reading a book to baby brother while daddy makes breakfast9 am – Reading a book to baby brother while daddy makes breakfast

20130210-193243.jpg10 am – Jude snoozes with Sophie while mommy takes a bath

20130210-193253.jpg11 am – Playing with daddy

20130210-193323.jpg12 pm – Green smoothie time!

20130210-193331.jpg1 pm – Jude snoozes while mommy tries to clear her inbox

20130210-193342.jpg2 pm – Mommy has a treat

20130210-193353.jpg3 pm – Headed to the grocery store

20130210-194054.jpg4 pm – At the grocery store

20130210-193404.jpg5 pm – Building a tower

20130210-193412.jpg6 pm – The remains of dinner

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