Eight Reasons to Wear Your Baby

Today I’m happy to bring you a guest post from Ken Myers. You can read more about Ken at the bottom of the post.

When it comes to babywearing the first question is often what is it, exactly? Well, babywearing is a very simple idea. Instead of carrying your child in your arms, babywearing is when you use a carrying device, such as a specially designed backpack or even a simple cloth wrap to tie your child to your body thus allowing your hands to be free but your child to still be with you. This practice of babywearing has been around for thousands of years. From the ancient Egyptians to people today, mobility and childcare often go hand in hand. Not only does babywearing provide you with additional mobility as opposed to carrying your child in your hands, it is also better for your body and keeps your child calm and safe. Here are some reasons to think about babywearing:

1. Mobility – Being able to move about freely is one of the great benefits of babywearing over carrying. When you carry a baby you are confined not only by not having both hands free but also because you cannot move as fast or in the same manner as you would normally. However having the baby attached to your back can allow for a wide range of motion and almost normal mobility. Without having to worry about properly carrying your child you can have both hands free to work, bend over, stoop down, or otherwise move normally. If sitting is a larger issue there are many child carriers that strap to the front as well. This allows you to see and interact with your baby while still having your hands free to accomplish tasks like typing, cleaning, or sewing.

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2. Efficiency – As exhausting as carrying a baby is, it is no wonder new parents become inefficient and every goal seems like a struggle to accomplish. However by using a baby carrier you can reduce some of the effort and use both hands, greatly helping you to regain your efficacy in everyday tasks. When even doing the laundry or going for a walk is difficult you know you need help. Baby carriers come in a wide variety of style from the ornate to the super simple. Some you can even carry in a diaper bag with no problems so that you can use it on the go or anywhere you happen to be.

3. Comfort –It is not comfortable holding a baby twelve or more hours a day. However there are many times where it is not practical or safe to have the baby laying on the floor or in a carrier seat. That is where babywearing comes in. The comfortable design makes sure both you and your child enjoy babywearing and it is not a strain to remain close by. Many children are more comfortable when they can see and interact with their parents at all times, which makes babywearing a great fit. Even parents with back or arm problems can find a baby carrier that will meet their needs.

Avoiding muscle strain –Because babies are usually held on the hips or directly in front of your body you can strain muscles that are unaccustomed to that kind of weight being distributed in that way. Especially for mother who have just given birth, even the weight of a newborn can pull on already strained muscles and cause debilitating pain. Carrying around even a small child for an extended period of time can cause sore arms, a sore back and disjointed hip ligaments and tendons. Even such issues as tendonitis and neck and shoulder pain can be a symptom of carrying your child in an unhealthy manner. However babywearing prevents that from happening. Most baby carriers offer some sort of shoulder support that helps to distribute the weight over a larger area, reducing the risk of strain. They also take the pressure off your arm muscles and put it into the stronger muscles in your torso and back. A proper baby carrier can distribute a child’s weight over multiple points, allowing for minimal strain in any one muscle group. A child can easily be carried throughout the day without causing pain or muscle stress.

5. Increased child sociability –Research has shown that the more an infant is around its parents the more sociable it grows up to be as a child. Skin to skin contact is a huge factor in this. It has also been shown that babywearing allows children to see the world from the parent’s point of view. They are no longer confined to the floor or crib. Instead, they can see what the parents are seeing and doing and feel more connected to the parents in that way. They also pick up basic communication skills like proper greetings and interactions between adults, rhythms in conversations and increased language skills.

6. Reduced child stress –Most children have an intense desire to see and touch their parents at all times. This desire is natural and should not be dismissed. However in the modern world it is difficult to manage everything that needs to be done when the baby is crying for attention and wanting to be held. That is where babywearing comes in. When babywearing is practiced the children grow up to have reduced anxiety and stress levels. Studies have shown that they are more confident and less likely to get into trouble as children and teens. Babywearing is also great because a relaxed child will sleep more. Babies require a lot of sleep and getting it regularly throughout the day makes for a happier, more cooperative child.

7. Reduced parent stress – Parents are also under a great deal of stress when it comes to a new baby. Many mothers feel high levels of anxiety and doubt that they really know how to care for a new infant. However babywearing can help reduce this fear. By constantly having the baby close by, the mother can feel safe and confident that the child is doing well. They can interact with the baby and see that it is happy and healthy, reducing their fears. When they can immediately alleviate the anxiety they will eventually have less and less occur, creating a healthier environment for mom and baby alike. Moms are not the only once to experience anxiety about caring for a new baby either. Dads who are left alone with their children may feel doubtful of their ability to take care of the child in an appropriate manner. However babywearing allows them to constantly monitor the child without obsessing over it, creating a calmer, more relaxing environment where they can truly bond.

8. Connection – Speaking of bonding, babywearing is a great way to foster stronger connections between the baby and the wearer. Even grandparents and other family members can be a part of connecting to the baby. By constantly reading the baby’s expressions and movements, parents can learn how the bay communicates and even figure out what it means when the baby changes its habits. This is a great way for parents to find out when the baby does not feel well, when it needs a nap, or when it needs changed before the crying ever starts. The baby also forms connections with the parents that last a lifetime. Studies have shown that children who were around their parents in this manner as infants have a greater ability to cooperate and discuss issues with their parents instead of throwing tantrums or rebelling as older kids and teens.

As you can see, the benefits of babywearing are many and varied. Babywearing is an easy and simple way to keep your baby safe and comfortable and still get things done. There are many different baby carrier styles to fit any body shape or personal style, so find a baby carrier that will work for you!

Ken Myers is the founder of Longhorn Leads & has learned over the years the importance of focusing on what the customer is looking for and literally serving it to them. He doesn’t try to create a need; instead he tries to satisfy the existing demand for information on products and services.

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