Nighttime Changes and Crawling…What’s Going on Here

734097_10152361563370133_1193590763_nA lot of changes have been happening here! For one, during the Christmas holiday, Jude revealed his newest skill – crawling! I was in denial initially when Josh insisted he was starting to crawl, but soon I just could not deny anymore that my 5-month old could indeed crawl. He isn’t necessarily crawling constantly all over the place though. It is more just every once in awhile but he definitely does it several times a day throughout the day. I’ve noticed he does it more when he is very intent to get to something, like he doesn’t really pay attention to how he is getting where he is going, just that he really wants to get there. If he have a balloon out, he will crawl over to it pretty quickly. He is fascinated by balloons! Most of the time, he just army crawls around and rolls.

He still is a very big fan of being on his stomach. Diaper changing is tricky because I have to flip him over several times during the whole procedure. Once again, I am glad we use the crib for diaper changes just like with Marcella. It makes the whole thing much safer I’m guessing with my little flipper! Speaking of being changed, he hates having things put on over his head and arms. I try to get through that as quickly as possible for him.



As much as I can’t believe Jude will be 6 months old very soon (January 11!), I am also amazed that my little girl will be 4 so soon (March). We’ve begun making plans for her birthday celebration and are thinking of taking her to Atlanta for a special getaway weekend. Details are already planned, we just need to actually book everything if we decide to go that route. If we do, we will probably just have a family cake and ice cream celebration the next week since Easter falls the week after her birthday and Josh’s parents always come here for Easter.

Marcella coloring some thank you cardsMarcella has recently had a couple big changes. First, we turned her car seat around. I was planning on waiting until she actually turned 4, but we did it a couple months early since the car we bought to replace the one we lost in the accident does not have a lot of room and she is reaching the height limit for rear facing in her seat. As it turns out, you gain pretty much no room by turning the seat around, but we decided to leave it anyway. She said she likes being able to see me, and she’s been enjoying taking it all the new sights. 🙂

537720_10152326613730133_111063937_nAnother big change for her as how she goes to sleep at night. One of us had been laying with her until she fell asleep (usually me). I talked with her about whether she thought she could sleep by herself. She said she could so we made a plan that in the new year, she would get a special CD with animal stories and music
(recommended by Melissa at Vibrant Wanderings) and she would listen to her CD and go to sleep by herself. She was very excited and pretty disappointed when the CD did not arrive on the 1st. I told her I would put her to bed one last night and then tomorrow (the 2nd) the CD would come and she could sleep by herself. So, that is exactly what happened. We did our normal bedtime routine and then she went to sleep by herself with her new CD quite excitedly. It kind of was reminiscent of her first night sleeping in her room.

The next night and every night since she has happily slept in her room. She does come out a couple times some nights for a drink of water, for another hug or because she has to use the bathroom but goes right back to her room. The second night she didn’t fall asleep in the 30 minutes it took for the CD to play. She wanted to listen to something else so we took out some other CD’s and told her she was welcome to put them on when the other ended if she wanted so she does that sometimes, too. Josh even happened to be up at 2am one night and noticed that she had a CD on so she must have woken up and put on one to go back to sleep. Once there was one on in the morning even so I’m guessing she woke around 6 or so and put one on. 🙂 She still sleeps in compared to most children of which I am thankful. 🙂

That’s what’s happening here! What’s going on with your children?

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