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Each week I’ll be introducing you to a babywearing mama (or papa!) during A Little Bit of All of It’s Babywearing Series. (You can be included in a future post by filling out the Babywearing Profile form.)

When did you start wearing your baby/young child? I think he was a month or 2 old before I tried it with the Moby wrap.

What is your favorite carrier? The Moby Wrap. I have some kind of structured carrier as well (an Ergo, I think) and I never even put it on after I tried the Moby.

What is your favorite carry? Hug hold

Discovering sleep in a Moby wrap
(Photo credit: marcusnelson)

How did you first learn about Babywearing and what were your initial impressions of it? Saw lots about it on I thought it looked like a great way to keep your hands free.

How many carriers do you own and what are they? I have 2 Moby wraps and some kind of structured carrier that I never even used!

Do you have a favorite babywearing story/scenario? My favorite scenario is shopping – you don’t have to put the baby in the nasty shopping cart, or try to balance their car seat in the cart (that scares me!) and your hands are free!

What is the strangest or funniest thing you’ve done while wearing your baby? I cooked a lot of dinners with a baby hanging off of me.

What is your favorite thing about wearing your baby? The closeness, and that they go to sleep! It’s awesome! Everyone should do it.

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