A Stolen Life: Book Review

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A Stolen Life by Jaycee Dugard is a moving, simply written memoir from Jaycee who spent the majority of her life imprisoned and abused by a couple in California. Dugard clearly tells about her experiences while easily transitioning her voice as she ages in the story.

Parts of the memoir are very difficult to read because of what is occurring to her. This memoir makes you so grateful that Philip and Nancy Garrido have been put away forever for the atrocities they committed.

This memoir also will make you marvel at the resilience of Jaycee Dugard. She shines so brightly throughout this memoir. She unapologetically shows her mistakes, her horrid experiences, and the times she didn’t try to flee because of fear. Dugard details the births of her daughters, how they were required to call Jaycee their sister rather than “Mom,” and how many times she would suffer for their sakes.

Dugard discusses the events that led to her discovery and the simple longing that she always had for her mother and how that simple longing was eventually fulfilled. Dugard talks about the reunification process after she is rescued and leaves the reader hoping for the absolute best for her future. She deserves no less.

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