Every Mother Counts

Today I’m sharing Marcella’s birth story over at Ergobaby as part of the Every Mother Counts Birth Story Series.

Every Mother Counts is an organization started by Christy Turlington-Burns (yes, the model). Just like my birth with Marcella, Christy experienced postpartum hemorrhage after her first birth. This complication for both us was managed by our birth professionals expertly, but women in other countries aren’t so lucky. In fact, postpartum hemorrhage often means death for thousands of girls and women around the world and is the leading cause of pregnancy-related death in the world, including in the US.

This information drove Christy to find out why, and she learned that 90% of these deaths are completely preventable. It started with the documentary, No Woman, No Cry. People watched and wanted to know how they could help. Thus Every Mother Counts was born with a mission of arming people with information to help end the needless loss of life of mothers around the world.

You may be wondering what Ergobaby has to do with Every Mother Counts. Well, they have partnered with Every Mother Counts for an exclusive designer series which includes 2 carriers, a diaper bag and a hip & shoulder bag. A portion of the proceeds of every purchase made of this collection will go to prevent pregnancy-related complications around the world.

You can learn more about Every Mother Counts by watching the video embedded below.

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