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20120921-120408.jpgHave you ever wanted to go to the pool with your older child(ren), but you have a baby and can’t exactly just leave your baby? Enter the water wrap! I recently interviewed Diane with Waterwrapcarriers.com so I could share information about her water wraps. I’ll also be reviewing one in the spring! Read below for more from Diane.

What prompted you to create the water wrap?
My water wraps were born of necessity in 2009 when baby #4 was 2 months old and we spent every hot summer afternoon in the pool. I couldn’t swim with my children alone, though, because I needed both hands to hold my baby in the water. I missed my Moby Wrap! After finding the right fabric, I knew other mothers needed these wraps, too!

Is this a good wrap to use while not in the water as well?
Yes! Many of my customers comment on how this wrap has been their go-to baby carrier in hot weather. Because it is made of athletic mesh, it allows plenty of air flow, keeping both baby & parent comfortable.

How long does the wrap take to dry once wet?
That’s a great question! In the dryer, it takes very little time. Maybe 20 minutes. Hanging on an outdoor clothesline, maybe an hour. Hanging indoors takes a bit longer, but still much faster than other carriers.

Does the wrap stretch out more while it is wet compared to using it dry?
Each color fabric has very slight variations in woven weight & stretch (although all are 2 way stretch rather than 4 way stretch) so while one wrap might seem slightly more stretchy in the water, another won’t. Each individual wearer will have a different experience & a different answer to this question.

20120921-120414.jpgWhat fabric is the water wrap made of and what makes it special for use in water?
100% polyester jersey lends breath-ability with just the right amount of stretch. The fabric feels like a lightweight, silky swimsuit which keeps it light in the water & dries very quickly.

Will the fabric fade from being in the water or react to chemicals used in pools?
The polyester fabric I use is high quality & made to last. The colors are dyed into the polyester fiber prior to weaving the fabric & fading or bleaching has never been an issue with my wraps.


What else would you like people to know about your water wrap?
I am excited to be adding new colors to my line up in 2013. I enjoy offering a truly unique & fashionable product for parents who want to take their baby in the water. Coming soon, you’ll see purple & red Water Wrap Carriers!

I know we are now entering a cooler time of year but keep water wraps in mind for the hotter months next year and look for my review in the spring!

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