The Moby Wrap

If you know anything about babywearing, chances are you’ve heard of the Moby Wrap. If you by some chance are not familiar with the Moby Wrap, let me describe it for you. Basically it’s a long piece of cotton fabric that is tapered at the end. A Moby Wrap is a stretchy wrap which means the fabric gives and is ideal for newborns and smaller babies. It’s also good for novice wrappers because the fabric allows you to stretch it out some if you wrapped it a little too tight. It is designed so you carry the weight of your baby with your entire back and both shoulders.

I did not have a wrap with my daughter because the wrapping part intimidated me. I wish I would have though. One of the huge benefits of a wrap is you are completely hands free while still having your baby secure and close to you. This time around I decided to try a wrap. I knew it was going to be even more important to be hands free with two children to care for.

My first thought on receiving my Moby was on how soft it is. It is also very long. As someone who is petite, it’s a tad overwhelming but that also means it will fit a variety of body types easily. And once I have it on, I don’t feel it is an issue.

The instructions say you should wash it first, but I was so excited to try it out, I admit I put it right on. It is so cozy. I can imagine it must feel that way to Jude (my baby), too. It also feels extremely secure. Your baby is wrapped up in three sections of fabric. I did wash it though (instructions say cold water and tumble dry low), after trying it out, and it came out of the wash looking just like it did out of the package. It’s really nice that you can throw this in the wash whenever. Maybe I’m the only one but I seem to drop things on mine (like food, oops!)

As far as wrapping goes, I shouldn’t have been so intimidated. It’s not nearly as hard as I thought it would be. Whenever I’ve put it on at home (which is where I use it a lot), I’ve had great success and Jude goes to sleep shortly after I put it on. I’ve had success a couple times putting it on when I was out somewhere, but a couple other times I had some trouble. I think I get flustered when I’m out for some reason. I first learned the pocket wrap cross carry ( called newborn hug hold by Moby) which is the way you normally will see the Moby wrapped. However, I recently learned the front wrap cross carry (called the kangaroo wrap and hold by Moby) and really prefer it. I have a feeling I won’t have any trouble wrapping this way when we’re out and about.

As far as nursing, I was able to nurse in public once in the wrap, although Jude didn’t seem to love it. He kept popping off and on. I tried it again and couldn’t quite get it. Both times I had it wrapped in the pocket wrap cross carry. I have a feeling when I try it with the front wrap cross carry it will be a lot easier.

A lot of babywearing advocates are now discouraging frogging a baby’s legs while babywearing. I have done that in the Moby when using the pocket wrap cross carry, but when I did the front wrap cross carry, I put his feet outside the wrap and made sure the wrap was secured under his bottom, like a seat and then tied the wrap under his bottom. This actually seemed more natural, and I prefer it I think. The last couple times I tried to wrap the Moby and had trouble he kept wanting to stand and not be froggied. I think he was trying to tell me something so I listened, and he seemed pretty content having his legs out.

One thing I feel is important to tell you about the Moby is you cannot back wrap in the Moby or any other stretchy wrap. It is unsafe because of the stretchy material and the risk of your baby falling out of it backward. Also, keep in mind other safe babywearing practices as well.

The only cons I came across are it is a warm wrap which obviously is a plus in the cooler weather but not so good in the warm weather. I have taken Jude out of the wrap and we were both sweaty. And, of course, there is a slight learning curve to it (but a lot less than I initially had anticipated!) Lastly, it won’t last as long as some of the other carrier choices since it is stretchy and won’t hold a toddler for long periods of time before it starts dropping.

If you are outside somewhere and want to use your wrap, the ends of the wrap touch the ground which is less than ideal if the ground is yucky (like on a rainy day) but you can do the pocket wrap cross carry before you leave the house and wear it wrapped like that and then just put the baby in when you reach your destination to avoid that issue.

For perspective from someone of a different body type, I asked my mom of she’d like to try the Moby out. This is what she had to say:

My first impression when using the Moby wrap was how soft and comfortable it felt. It felt like baby was encased in luxuriousness. The baby seemed very secure. I wore him for probably at least an hour or so and it still felt comfortable to me and I could have worn him much longer. I did have to adjust a few times while wearing to tighten things up a smidge. That was probably due to this being the first time using this wrap and not having a perfect fit yet. He seemed quite content the whole time and I loved having him so close to me. I found it easy to put on and I am not usually good at things like that.

Would I recommend the Moby? Absolutely! We really love ours! Jude feels so snuggly, safe and secure. It’s like holding him in a constant, cozy hug but still having my hands free and my arms not getting tired. I’ve been able to do chores around the house with him in it, go out to eat while he slept in it, pay bills on the computer, etc. The wrap holds up to 35 lbs safely so I can even put my 30 lb 3.5 year old in it. (I’d use the hip carry.) My understanding is after awhile, with a bigger child, the stretchy fabric causes the child to sink so maybe not ideal for a long time, but certainly for a short trip! You can use the Moby for twins even! How is that for versatility!

Now I know you want one so here is your opportunity to get one! I’m giving away one Moby wrap in the color of your choice!! (The design I have is no longer available however.) For those of you that don’t have babies, this would be the best shower gift! It’s like you’re giving the new mom an extra set of cozy hands to cuddle her babe with. To enter, complete however many entries you would like in the Rafflecopter widget below. Good luck!

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Disclosure: I received no compensation for this post but did receive a complimentary Moby Wrap for the purpose of this review. I was not required to give a positive review and all opinions are 100% my own. I only review products that I either have purchased myself and love or products I have been given a chance to review by the company that I believe are products my readers would benefit from. Amazon links are affiliate links.

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